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New York Magazine's fashion editorial "The Cut" recently featured Baro in an article "The Best Coats You've (Probably) Never Heard Of.

The article states, "The winter shopping checklist is the same every year: a sturdy pair of boots, a statement coat for special occasions, and a more durable one for when the weather really rears its ugly head. If you’re the obsessive-planner type, chances are you’ve already stocked up on your doomsday favorites, but there is a world outside of Canada Goose and J.Crew.

Enter three coat brands you’ve (probably) never heard of: Baro Drywear, Koja, and Basler. They’re not as omnipresent on the cold-weather-coat circuit just yet, but when put to the test, these brands are worthy contenders for your winter arsenal.

Arguably no other group understands frigid temperatures better than Canadians, and, fittingly, our neighbors up north have established labels with cult followings for their ability to withstand months (and months) of snow. Vancouver-based outerwear line Baro Drywear is another name to know in the mix of Sorel and Canada Goose. Following in the tradition of great Canadian outerwear, Baro is a streamlined and affordable option that doesn’t skimp on the necessities: The men’s and women’s coats are completely waterproof and tout moisture-wicking liners and breathable construction." 

Read the full write-up on The Cut here: The Best Winter Coats You've (Probably) Never Hear Of

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