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Transworld Business Interview with Baro

Transworld Business is an iconic publication covering the business side of the action sports industry. They recently did an exclusive interview with us to give a look behind the scenes of Baro, the founders, and how the brand came to be. We have been reading this magazine for decades and we're extremely stoked to be featured. Here is what they had to say, 

The founders of emerging outerwear brand Baro have known each other since the second grade. Growing up two doors down from each other, the childhood friends didn’t realize that sharing some common ground—snowboarding, skateboarding, general mischief-causing—would lead them to go into business together at some point.

But today, Vancouver natives Mike Cerka and Tyler Quarles are pooling their collective knowledge of action sports, living in the unpredictable and harsh Pacific Northwest climate, and their affinity for design and all things aesthetically pleasing, to create something new.

The result is Baro, a brand that debuted for Fall 2016, and caught our eye last month during January trade shows.

An amalgamation of technical properties and innovative, fashion-forward design, the outerwear company has been a long time in the works as the founders leaned on their roots and interests to recognize a need in the market.

“We were both working for action sports brands and retailers from a very young age—Tyler’s dad owned and ran Pacific Boarder in Vancouver from 1988 until 2002,” Cerka added. “It was really only a matter of time before we realized our career experiences and goals could be combined to form a new company which bridged a gap we saw in the outerwear space, so we went for it.”

After taking a look at the product in person, we naturally had some questions for Baro about the creation of the brand, what’s been driving inspiration, and what’s next.

Read the full interview here: Behind Baro

GrindTV interview with Baro

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