Our Story

Fewer Better Things

A new approach to outerwear that sustainably
blends fashion and function.


It’s 2020. The Earth isn’t getting any younger and it’s long overdue a break from us Humans using dated manufacturing methods and short-term thinking.

Since day one, we have been designing and building multi-functional garments for both gnarly weather (climate change much?) and for living with less items in your closet.

Our latest collection has been made with up to 80% recycled materials from things like plastic bottles and nylon manufacturing waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

It’s 2020, and for once less is truly more.

Made For Rain

Since day one, we’ve brought trusted outdoor waterproof and breathable fabric technologies to styles designed for life in the city. In our experience, if a coat’s fabric isn’t as breathable as it is waterproof, you’re going to get wet on the inside. We use a breathable laminated membrane to ensuring you stay dry and don’t overheat in the process. 

Our waterproof and breathable system is hard to beat:

Durable Water Repellant Coating |  Laminated Waterproof + Breathable Membrane |  Moisture Wicking Lining |  Taped Seams

Made For Cold with PrimaLoft®

PrimaLoft has been the go-to choice for lightweight and high performance insulation for decades. The technology was originally created for the US military in the early 1980’s who were looking for a lightweight and warm alternative to down. Quickly, PrimaLoft’s synthetic insulation became the trusted choice for those in situations where staying dry and warm was essential for survival.

We partnered with PrimaLoft in 2017 to offer signature Baro styles to our friends in colder climates. We proud to use an 80% recycled hi-loft PrimaLoft (synthetic down-alternative) in both our latest Coldwell™ and Station™ styles.


We are proudly certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as a vegan-approved brand. No animal products have been, or will ever be, involved in any part of the creation of our products.


We work with manufacturing partners who are committed to safe and ethical working conditions and practices throughout our supply chain.

Making technical outerwear is no easy task. Our vendors have been building apparel for many of the world’s most recognizable outerwear brands for over 20 years. Our fabrics are crafted in Taiwan by a mill that has been producing technical outdoor fabrics for over 20 years and our factory is located in Fuzhou, China and has been producing technical outerwear since 1998.

We are constantly collaborating with our vendors to ensure you, the guest, is investing in technical outerwear that will not only last long, but you’ll feel and look great wearing it the whole time.

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